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Yes, it is possible, and research shows that EMDR ONLINE is highly effective as it is in person (Barack et al., 2007). EMDR's objective is to work through past traumas or events that have not been overcome and continue today.

EMDR consists of bilateral ocular/auditory/or tactile stimulation that allows unprocessed memories to be desensitized. While EMDR was initially developed for people who continue to relive traumatic experiences or with post-traumatic stress disorder, it is highly effective in coping with grief, some forms of anxiety, and more.

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EMDR therapy uses an eight-phase approach that includes:

  • Phase 1: History-taking

  • Phase 2: Preparing the client

  • Phase 3: Assessing the target memory 

  • Phases 4-7: Processing the memory to adaptive resolution (begin Bi-Lateral Stimuli)

  • Phase 8: Evaluating treatment results

Once the therapist has completed History-taking to determine if EMDR therapy is a good fit for you, phases 2 and 3 will consist of preparing you and assessing the target memory. Coping skills will also be provided to improve your ability to manage distress.


Besides, the therapist will introduce you to "remoteEMDR," the world's leading platform for online EMDR therapy- which will provide us with three types of therapist-controlled online bilateral stimuli: visual and auditory, for processing phases 4-7).

To access "remoteEMDR," your therapist will send you an invitation link to your email to join the session. Once ready, the therapist will take care of operating the settings for speed, volume, etc., so that you can relax and process as planned.

 As you process the presenting issue, the therapist will always be present to you, seeing you, and supporting you. 



  • remoteEMDR" is safe, easy to use, and HIPPA compliant.

  • "remotEMDR" can be used from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet, including iOS and Android devices.

  • "remotEMDR" is a web platform accessed through Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

  • “remotEMDR” is a web platform, accessed through Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browsers.


                                                            PTSD                                         PANIC ATTACKS    

                                                            ANXIETY                                   GRIEF AND LOSS

                                                            ADDICTION                              ANGER

                                                            PHOBIAS                                PERFORMANCE ANXIETY

                                                            SLEEP PROBLEMS                TRAUMATIC MEMORIES

                                                            LOW SELF-ESTEEM              TRUST ISSUES

Some people tend to be particularly tired after these sessions because of the strong physical and emotional trauma that was released. Your body and mind needs time to rest to heal. Intentional self-care is vital to help you cope and to maintain health and wellness in your daily life.

To learn more about remote EMDR

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.

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